Finally my custom archtop carving plane came in the mail today. #lindamanzer designed this tool after working with James #daquisto ‘s personal planes. For those of you that were unhappy with the ” #dangelico ” planes that Benedetto designed for lmi. #luthier #lutherie #archtop

Come watch me carve the rest of this archtop at the #milwaukeemakerfaire tomorrow at the #statefair it’s free and a ton of cool stuff to do. #luthier #lutherie


Diana Dors c. 1950s

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Chinese-American Shipbuilder

“Los Angeles, Calif. — Miss Ethel Mildred Lee, 23-year-old girl born in this country of Chinese parents, is shown at her job as an electrician-helper at the Los Angeles yards of the California Shipbuilding Corporation, where she has worked for almost two years. Extra incentives to help the war effort are two brothers in the U.S. Army and one in the Navy yard at Honolulu, Hawaii. Miss Lee, who’s 4 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 98 pounds, buys $100 worth of War Bonds a month.” — January 20, 1944

Miss Ethel Mildred Lee, doin’ the damn thing. So many examples of women shitting on bullshit patriarchal thinking, just hidden in plain sight throughout history.

this is also your feminist history: shit’s complicated. 

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This is a beautiful A frame..

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